Stop Razor Burn

If you have ever shaved before you know all about razor burn. Its one on the main reasons some of us hate to shave in the morning. But some of you may have never heard of razor burn before.

Razor burn is a skin irritation that comes from getting to close of a shave, using a blunt or worn razor, shaving with Razor Burnimproper technique, shaving against the grain, applying to much pressure to the razor while shaving, or dry shaving. Razor burn shows up on the skin as a light rash were hair is growing through sealed skin.

There are many steps you can take to prevent or stop razor burn. The first thing you need to do is think lubrication. Having properly lubricated skin will help prevent razor burn. For lubrication try using pre shaving oil or shaving brush and shaving soap to shave with.

In addition to the above you mentioned. You need to do the opposite of what causes razor burn. Make sure you use a good razor blade that is in good condition especially if you are using a straight razor to shave with.

Use good technique while shaving it is suggested that you shave with the grain to keep from having razor burn. Lastly if you are experiencing razor burn try applying less pressure to the razor when shaving.

Other things you might try doing before and after shaving to stop razor burn are. Keep you skin moist and clean try using a pre shave lotion. Don’t use products that contain alcohol. Alcohol will dry your skin out and give you bad razor burn. Next exfoliating your face will help improve the surface of your face giving you the chance to have a better shave. Use a face scrub that contains salicylic acid.