Shaving Soap Scents

For men shaving is an essential part of their day. Unfortunately it is not always a pleasant ordeal. Often times shaving can cause the skin to become irritated – which is why they try to get as close as possible so they are not required to shave every single day. The best thing you could do for yourself to help lessen the irritation is to take care of the skin both before and after you have shaved.

Mug soaps are some of the best things that you can use – but not many men are aware of their advantages. They are made with special ingredients that help to make the shave smoother and lessen the amount of irritation that is felt during it. They also help to exfoliate the skin and moisturize it.

But what good would the soap be if it did not contain a scent that was pleasing both to us and our partners? Like with any type of soap that you buy shaving mug soap comes in a variety of different scents that some men may love and women may find hard to resist. Some of these scents will give you a nice clean feeling and others may give you the edge you need when making the perfect first impression on a date.


Almond is a very popular scent among men and it is one of the more well liked among women. It creates a foamy lather with a strong smell of almonds that will take you back to the traditional use of the shaving mug soapsĀ in the olden times.


Beautiful scents are all well and good – but sometimes we need a shaving mug soap that is going to give us the edge we need to seem more masculine and to impress the right people. The rum flavored soap is one of the more exotic flavors that is a mixture of bay leaves and Jamaican rum.


Women love to use soaps that are rich in fruits and men can be the same way. However, instead of smelling like apples and peaches we prefer lime. This is actually a very strong scent that is masculine and has a certain quality to it that cannot be found in your average mug soap.


Amber is the perfect smell for those of us who love to bring the feel and smell of the outdoors with us wherever we go. This is one of the more original scents and is very popular among most men.