Pre Shave Oil

Many of us have many problems with shaving like razor burn or bumps and ingrown hairs make shaving difficult and has make the daily routine of shaving more of a day full of uncomfortable irritated skin. Most men have either turned from shaving and are now sporting a bread or have moved on to the idea of just coping with these problems. There is solution to the problem – pre shave oil.

Many of us have never heard of pre shave oil or knew that using it would help reduce the side effects of shaving. By using a pre shave oil – you will be able to better soften the hair on you neck where razor burn is most common. Making your morning routine of shaving easier and more comfortable than ever.

In addition to the above pre shave oil will increase the life of your razor – this can really put some money in your pocket especially if you shave with a straight razor. But no matter what kind of razor you use you will notice that the blades are lasting longer in between uses.

Many men not only worry about the after effect of shaving like razor burn. But many time fear the pain that comes while you are shaving from stiff hair especially your mustache. Pre shave oil will soften this hair to help take away the pain you feel during a shave from stiff hair.

Pre shave oil works by creating a layer of protection over your face. This layer of protection is formed from a special blend of oil – that moisturizes and softens without leaving your face oily. One of the best things about using these oils is that it helps to protect your skin despite the harsh feeling that the razor can leave behind.

Pre shave oils are made up of emollients that work to soften the hairs on the face and make the skin smooth and almost slippery. This keeps the amount of friction caused by the razor down to a minimum and helps it to move back and forth easier then ever before. The oil also helps to take care of a little bit of the irritation that is experienced when the shave is complete.