Shaving Mug Soaps

It seems that the average man who shaves on a daily basis may think that the use of shave soap is as out dated and unnecessary as the straight razor it’s self. Well even thought straight razor shaving is a very old world way of doing things and very few men shave that way any more. It’s still the best shave you can get.

With straight razor shaving being the best shave you can get. I wonder what would be said about the shaving soap that was used along with it.Shaving Mug Soap The research is in – a good shaving mug soap seems to be far better than most standard shaving creams used today.

Now many of you may be thinking that you only need to use soap if you are going to shave with a straight razor. Well that is incorrect. Using soap to shave with any style of shaving razor can increase your shaving experience.

A good shaving mug soap will help protect your face better when shaving, and will help the blade move across your skin better – giving you a closer shave. In combination with the soap – a good shaving brush and lather technique will allow the soap to work deep into your skin and pores cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing your face. In addition to the above a good soap, brush, mug, and lathering technique will better soften your beard and hair follicles giving you a more comfortable shave and helping to stop razor burn.

When it comes to using soap for shaving. I know you may be worry that its going to take more time in the morning for you to shave. This is a big concern for most men who wake up ten minutes before your supposed to be at work. But let be the first to tell you. The difference in the closeness of your shave and how much better your face will feel is worth an extra two minutes.